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Northeast iron pot stew was originally a unique local farm food from China, is directly put on the table cast iron pot, with wood son fire, everyone around the table to join the food you want to eat, accompanied by rolling thick soup to enjoy the fun of hot food. In the iron pot stew, the more famous have "iron pot stew goose" "ground pot chicken" and "hearth fish", and different from the traditional rural hearth, now refers to a kind of restaurant catering model derived from the hot pot shop, with electric heating iron pot stew.

Cold Dishes

When the weather gets hot and sticky, we start looking for ways to cool off. While most people turn to salads and popsicles for relief, there's no need to stick to these American classics. Here are wonderful Chinese recipes for hot summer days, all served cold. All with a uniquely Asian twist..

Harry Potter Fans?

This was the famed location where J.K. Rowling wrote substantial portions of her first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Escaping her cold flat, Rowling took up residence in a corner seat and wrote for hours on end, with her baby daughter asleep beside her.

Fresh is the King.

Although food production is important, the selection of ingredients is the most important. There's nothing like fresh ingredients to spice up your food. Therefore, insisting on using fresh ingredients is our aim. .

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Iron pot stew originally refers to the cooking form in some places such as the Northeast and rural areas. It is a method of stewing chicken, goose, fish and other dishes in an iron pot on the stove. "Ground Pot Chicken" and "Stove Fish".

It originated in the period of breaking through the Guandong East, and the people who came to the Northeast and the local people in the Northeast produced dishes in the form of simmering.

Now refers to a restaurant catering model born out of hot pot restaurants, mainly stewing in electric heating iron pots.

Selected non-polluted farm goose as raw materials into the pot, and supplemented by a variety of rare Chinese herbal medicine and first-class spices, the formation of a unique formula, cooked in a traditional cast iron pot, golden skin, pure taste, meat rote bone, delicate texture, fragrant but not greasy, endless aftertaste. Goose meat also has a very high nutritional value, Chinese medicine believes that it has the solution of the heat of the five zang organs, Yin yiqi, warm stomach open jin and alleviate the effect of lead toxicity, so there is a folk "drink goose soup, eat goose meat, do not cough all the year round".

Using the river's lake wild fish species (have brush tooth fish, grass carp, fat fish, carp, crucian carp and other more than ten kinds of speciality live fish) braised from the system, a variety of fresh fish to reconcile each other, delicate and smooth, easy to digest. And to the local (artemisia, jujube, wolfberry) homemade farm flavor more than 10 kinds of refined sauce, salty sweet slightly spicy nutrition. Fish is high in protein, which not only helps children, children and adolescents grow and develop, but also helps heal and heal wounds. Worried about fat and like meat friends can choose to a kitchen fish, fish contain less fat than livestock meat, while enjoying the delicious fish will not absorb too much heat.

It originated in the Weishan Lake area at the junction of Northern Jiangsu province and southern Shandong Province of China. Fishermen were limited by conditions on boats. They often took a small clay stove and sat on the stove with an iron pot and a few pieces of dry wood to make a fire. The tender chicken at the bottom of the pot spreads its fragrance in the slow stewing, which slowly infuses the dough cake on the side of the pot, making diners not forget to enjoy the coarse grain while tasting the chicken.


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